Ludo is a peppermill designed to be fully functional yet highly decorative in your house

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Swiss Precision in Grinding

The LUDO peppermill comes with a swiss stainless steel grinder by "Sonderegger".
Swiss precision on the inside and a quality handjob "made in Austria" on the outside.

Designed in Graz

The LUDO peppermill is completely developed, designed and manufactured in Graz, Austria.
It is a homage to the board game LUDO inspired by many childhood memories.


The LUDO peppermill is handmade by a team of dedicated Austrian carpenters.
It will last for decades and stands for an investment through generations

Image Designers
Image Designers

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Spiced Up Meals


Peppercorns Grinded

Meet the LUDO Family

What do the grinders say?

Never spiced up my life so bad – gorgeous!

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Peppermill Basic


The peppermill basic comes in a cotton bag without any vanity

Peppermill Gift Edition


The peppermill gift edition cones in a simplisitcally designed wooden box suitable for gift giving.

Little Brother


The little brother comes as we know now, in the first half of 2021